Senior Care

Senior Care

As our pets age, they experience a variety of physiological changes. At the same time, the veterinary and daily care they need change along with them. Given the proper care and support, senior pets can stay their healthy, happy, and playful selves, continuing to enjoy their lives well into their golden years.

At What Age Are Dogs and Cats Considered Seniors?

Although it can vary from pet to pet depending on the animal’s medical history and a variety of other factors, determining when a pet becomes a senior typically depends on the pet’s species and size.
Small dogs and cats are usually considered seniors at age 7, and larger breeds of dogs are considered to be seniors at about age 6.

What Does Senior Pet Care Entail?

Senior pet care aims to improve the quality of life for all pets as they age by providing them with thorough veterinary care, a comfortable environment, the right exercise, and the proper nutrition to maintain their physical health.

Senior Pet Wellness Exams

We recommend that senior pets visit the veterinary clinic for two wellness examinations per year. As pets age, their health can change more rapidly, and scheduling biannual appointments increase the chances of detecting these changes while they’re easiest to address.
In other words, frequent checkups help us diagnose issues as soon as they occur. As a result, we can often address health changes before they progress far enough to cause your pet any discomfort.

Senior Pet Health Screening

In addition to more frequent examinations, we also recommend routine health screening for senior pets. This usually includes a combination of laboratory testing and, sometimes, even diagnostic imaging. These routine tests allow our veterinarian to detect the earliest signs of new health problems, as they develop. As a result, we can diagnose and begin treating pets for illnesses before they cause any discomfort.

Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling

As pets age, you can encourage healthy aging with adjustments to their diets, surroundings, and exercise routines. This provides them with everything they need to stay comfortable and physically fit.

Specialized Care for Aging Pets in Frisco

At Frisco Pet Hospital, Dr. Moore emphasizes top-quality wellness and preventative care for pets of all ages – including senior pets. During each of your pet’s checkups, our veterinarian will work with you to help your pet stay healthy, happy, and active throughout his or her golden years.
To learn more about senior pet care or to schedule a senior pet wellness exam, we welcome you to contact Frisco Pet Hospital today.