Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care

Adopting a new puppy or kitten is such an exciting event that the only things you can think about doing are snuggling and playing with the newest addition to your family. To help your puppy or kitten get the best start possible in life, we recommend scheduling a new pet appointment with Dr. Moore as soon as you can.

When to Schedule Your New Pet's Appointment

Puppies and kittens should have their first veterinary visits by the time they reach about six to eight weeks of age.

What to Expect During Your Puppy's or Kitten's First Veterinary Visit

Physical Examination and Health Screening

We perform a thorough physical examination on new puppies and kittens and might also recommend running a laboratory test to check for any early signs of illness or congenital problems that could affect your pet’s future health.

Vaccinations and Booster Schedule

We’ll discuss your pet’s exposure risks and recommend a schedule of core and non-core vaccinations designed to protect your pet from contracting dangerous contagious diseases.

Parasite Prevention

We can also recommend a parasite preventive that will be safe and effective for your newest pet and your family.

Pet Care Education

Adopting a new pet is not only exciting, but it’s also a big responsibility. Our veterinarian can help you understand everything there is to know about taking care of your new pet and providing them with everything they need.
New pet parent education includes:
Additionally, Dr. Moore will take the time to answer any questions you might have about your pet’s needs and veterinary care requirements.

Introduction to Our Pet Hospital and Veterinarian

Your pet’s first appointment is just as much about them getting to know us as it is about us getting to know them.
In addition to providing your pet with a healthy start, it’s also beneficial for your pet to get used to visiting the pet hospital early. They’ll get comfortable with our office, examination rooms, and our caring staff.

Schedule Your Pet's First Appointment With Our Veterinarian in Frisco

At Frisco Pet Hospital, we always welcome new pets to our patient family, and we look forward to helping you set your new pet up for success! To learn more about veterinary care for puppies and kittens or to schedule your pet’s first appointment, we invite you to contact Frisco Pet Hospital today.