If you have pets, then you know taking a vacation or being away from home for other reasons isn’t as simple as packing a bag and locking the doors; you also need to make arrangements for your pets’ care while you’re away.
To take the stress out of being away, our experienced veterinary team at Frisco Pet Hospital is pleased to provide our clients with on-site pet boarding services.

Pet Care and Boarding Services at Frisco Pet Hospital

Our pet guests have the luxury of staying in a state-of-the-art boarding facility with our experienced, professional, and caring staff on hand to meet all their needs and ensure a positive experience.

Clean and Comfortable Accommodations

All pets boarding with us have their own clean, comfortable, and safe accommodations. Cats and dogs are kept in separate areas to limit stress, and pets from the same household can board together or separately upon your request.

Daily Exercise and Enrichment

Our furry guests will receive plenty of exercise and enrichment. Upon request and an additional fee, regular walks & scheduled playtime is available.

Diet and Nutritional Needs

We provide each of our cat and dog guests with a highly nutritional, well-balanced diet on a regular schedule of mealtimes.
However, we also do our best to accommodate your personal requests regarding mealtimes, pet food, portions, nutritional supplements, and treating. We welcome pet guests to bring their own food from home and leave our pet professionals with instructions for your pet’s mealtime.

Medication Administration and On-Site Veterinary Care

If your pet requires medication, then there’s no better place to board than at a veterinary hospital. We have veterinary professionals on-site and available at all times to attend to your pet’s medical needs.
We’ll administer your pet’s medications as prescribed and be available in the event your pet experiences any new medical issues while you’re away.

Health and Safety Requirements for All Pet Guests

For the safety of all our guests, cats and dogs must have current vaccinations and be parasite-free.

Pet Boarding in Frisco, Texas

If you need to be away from your pet for one or more days or nights, then we encourage you to consider boarding your pet in our clean, comfortable, and safe pet boarding facility. When your pet is in the care of our experienced staff and veterinarian, you can relax and enjoy your time away, knowing that your pet is in good hands.
To learn more about boarding your pet at Frisco Pet Hospital and our pet boarding health and safety requirements, we welcome you to contact our office today.