General and Internal Medicine

General & Internal Medicine

Pets get sick for many reasons. Sometimes, they contract an infectious disease or pick up a parasite. Other times, pets develop chronic systemic diseases that hinder the proper function of their bodies.
No matter what might be making your pet sick, when a pet falls ill, the first step in helping them feel better is getting an accurate diagnosis from our veterinarian at Frisco Pet Hospital.

Veterinary Diagnostics at Frisco Pet Hospital

Many illnesses in pets cause very similar symptoms. So, in order to provide safe and effective treatment to a sick pet, we must first determine exactly what is causing the dog’s or cat’s symptoms.
To diagnose your pet’s illness, our veterinarian will evaluate your pet and will most likely recommend diagnostic testing to enable a more accurate diagnosis

Physical Examination

Your sick pet’s appointment will begin with a thorough physical examination. Dr. Moore will ask you about your pet’s symptoms, the onset of symptoms, and any other changes you might have noticed.
He will then take your pet’s temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and examine your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, and gums, in addition to feeling your pet’s body for anything unusual.

In-House Laboratory

Dr. Moore will also likely recommend running a blood panel, urinalysis, and/or fecal exam to look for signs of disease and parasites while also testing your pet’s organ function, hormone levels, and more.


If necessary, we might also recommend x-rays or ultrasound for your pet. Radiology enables Dr. Moore to evaluate your pet’s internal structures. We can assess the size, location, and shape of your pet’s organs, look for signs of musculoskeletal problems, and more.

Sick Pet Treatment

Once we determine the underlying cause of your pet’s illness, Dr. Moore will explain your pet’s illness to you and talk with you about all of your treatment options.
Depending on the diagnosis your pet receives, Dr. Moore will recommend a treatment plan designed to relieve your pet’s symptoms while addressing the underlying cause of illness.
Your pet’s treatment plan might include a variety of treatment approaches including antibiotics, pain medications, other prescription medications, nutritional supplements, lifestyle adjustments, surgery, and more.

Sick Pet Care and Internal Medicine at Frisco Pet Hospital

Signs of illness or unexplained changes to your pet’s appearance, appetite, energy level, or behavior could indicate that your pet is sick and requires veterinary care. If you notice any potential symptoms of disease or unusual changes in your pet, we strongly encourage you to schedule a sick pet appointment at Frisco Pet Hospital.