In-House Diagnostics/Lab Work – Frisco Pet Hospital

In-House Diagnostics/Lab Work - Frisco Pet Hospital

At Frisco Pet Hospital, we’re pleased to provide our patients and their human companions with quick diagnostic test results thanks to our in-house laboratory and diagnostic imaging capabilities.

Why Diagnostics Are So Important

When pets are sick or injured, they often do their best to mask their symptoms. This is an instinctive behavior that helps them stay safe from predators in the wild. The lack of outward symptoms can make detecting and diagnosing illness difficult.
Additionally, when pets are sick enough to show outward symptoms of illness, these symptoms often look very similar regardless of the type of illness or injury affecting the pet.
Diagnostic testing is essential in treating a sick or injured pet. Without knowing the underlying cause of illness, a veterinarian cannot provide safe or effective treatment.
We might recommend diagnosing testing if your pet is ill or injured or as a part of your pet’s routine wellness care health screening.

In-House Diagnostics Available at Our Frisco Pet Hospital

At Frisco Pet Hospital, we offer a variety of in-house veterinary diagnostics, which enables us to test pets, diagnose the underlying cause of their illnesses, and provide safe and effective treatments right away.

Laboratory Testing

Frisco Pet Hospital is fully equipped with an in-house laboratory for diagnostic testing. With our lab, we can run full blood panels, blood chemistry analyses, complete blood counts, urinalyses, and fecal tests.
With laboratory testing, Dr. Moore can evaluate your pet’s organ function, identify the earliest signs of disease, detect signs of parasites in your pet’s system, and more.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging with x-rays is an invaluable tool in both human and veterinary medicine. Digital radiology allows Dr. Moore to view and evaluate your pet’s internal structures – with faster results and using less radiation than traditional x-rays require.
With digital x-ray, we can assess injuries, diagnose a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, detect abnormalities, look for issues occurring below the gum line or inside of your pet’s teeth during a pet dental, and so much more.

Fast Results and Effective Treatments at Frisco Pet Hospital

Thanks to our in-house lab and diagnostic imaging capabilities, Dr. Moore can get your pet’s test results back fast. With quick diagnostic results, we’re able to diagnose pets and provide them with safe, effective treatments much more quickly than if we needed to send samples to an outside lab for testing.
To learn more about our in-house diagnostics or to find out about your pet’s test results, we welcome you to contact Frisco Pet Hospital today.